Fic in Fifteen

A Writing Challenge

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Inspired by 15minuteficlets, ficin15 is first and foremost a writing exercise. Been abandoned by your muse? Don't have time to write a long fic? Just want something to start the creative juices running? ficin15 is your kind of community!

1) Look at the latest prompt.
2) Start the clock.
3) Write.
4) Stop writing after 15 minutes have elapsed.
5) Post in the comments section of the prompt.

That's all there is to it, ficin15 in five easy steps.

Why can't I get posting access?
To participate, all you need is to post your fic in the comments. You don't need posting access for that.

Can I post a link to my fic instead?

Can I write for more than 15 minutes?
No, the name of the game is Fic in Fifteen. If you like what you have after 15 minutes and want to write a longer story, then by all means do so. But post what you wrote in the first 15 minutes to the community.

What are these prompts?
These prompts can be individual words (like they were in 15minuteficlets), or they may be instructions ("Write a fic about the view outside your window"). Sometimes they might even be pictures or sounds. They might even be opening lines. That's the fun of ficin15. You never know what you'll be writing about.

How do you pick your prompts?
Sometimes they come out of the dictionary. Sometimes they come off a bookshelf. Sometimes a community participant is asked to provide one. Besides, isn't it better to be surprised by the prompt than to predict it?

Are you the only people who do this?
Not at all! As I've mentioned, ficin15 was spun off of 15minuteficlets, and 15_minute_fic was also spun off of the same community.